Meet the future of longboarding

Did you ever feel safe by cruising through busy city life? This innovation is key to a safe and enjoyable ride with your longboard and by the way spares your sneakers...

Better safe than sorry

There is usually a need behind an idea. In this case, it was the desire for a functional and stylish brake for the longboard. The following vision concepts are done by our ux and industrial designer Jonathan Wörner. This innovative braking device kit and braking device for a skate and longboard is registered in Germany (10 2016 116 169.1) and is key to a safe and enjoyable riding experience.

Vision Concept "Stealth"

Vision Concept "Freeride"

"Thanks to the brake on the longboard I can ride even difficult tracks safely."

Jonathan Wörner
UX Designer / Industrial

Design process

Colorful sketches are beautiful to look at, but worthless if the feasibility of the implementation is not kept in mind. That's why it is important to incorporate manufacturing knowledge and material trends already during the conception of the design drafts. We pay attention to the profitability of our clients' projects.