UX Basics in

Buzzwords such as User Experience, UX Maturity and Rule of Ten are becoming increasingly common in mechanical and plant engineering. In 30 minutes we show you what lies behind them.

What can you expect?

Find out what added value your company can achieve by creating the best possible user experience.

In our 30-minute webinar we will sharpen terms such as usability, usability and joy of use. We show which UX methods optimally complement the design process to save high post-development costs. Using best practices, we underpin the successful interaction of engineering and design competencies and provide you with important key performance indicators to measure the return on investment of design.


This webinar is aimed at decision-makers, specialists and managers from mechanical and plant engineering, automation and construction technology as well as manufacturers of plant components.

Our experience is based on the know-how gained in 14 years of development partnerships with global players from mechanical and plant engineering, production technology, construction and infrastructure, medical technology and the mobility sector.


    The live webinar dates of UX Basics in Mechanical Engineering have already taken place. Please register to get access to the recording.

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    Alexander Steffen
    COO / UX Strategy

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    Alexander Steffen is publisher and lecturer of many years at the TÜV Rheinland Akademie for seminars of the medicine product industry and expert for human machine communication.

    In conversation with

    Pascal Adelhof is specialized in UX research and design for capital goods and has many years of experience in the design of complex machinery and equipment.

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    Pascal Adelhof
    Senior Designer
    Industrial Engineering