The Wabi-Sabi-Experience

The Wabi-Sabi Experience

Beauty in the Western world usually centers around perfection, symmetry and geometrical proportions, while the Japanese approach allows imperfections. It not only excuses but embraces them as something special, and is an approach worth noting when meeting the requirements of digitalization.


Japanese gardenAnimation
«Everything is transient – nothing is finished, nothing is perfect.»

What's Happening?

HOW DOES WABI-SABI INFLUENCE THE HOLISTIC UX APPROACH? The holistic user experience reveals that the clearest links to the concept behind wabi-sabi can be found in service design. It can feel like the difference between the service in an artisan, Italian café and that in, for example, a franchise McDonald’s restaurant. In the former, service is provided by an imperfect, charismatic (and sometimes moody) waiter, compared with the consistent, optimized and maybe even boring process in the latter.


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