Intangible Design

No Future without UX Intangible Design

Companies had previously concentrated on the technological and operative excellence of their products. However, brand evaluation now involves a raft of additional criteria, which are often abstract and intangible. The resulting experience is called intangible UX.


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«Customer service is the new marketing.»

What's Happening?

The business world is now viewed increasingly as unpredictable, uncertain and extremely complex and multifaceted. More and more people are putting the old principle completely into question. They are no longer consumed by the desire to only own the latest items, but are prepared to use and reuse existing products sustainably. These new requirements entail a previously disregarded level of complexity and demand solutions that have yet to be found. These new, central issues require much more inhouse communication and above all an interdisciplinary exchange of various fields of knowledge. Diverse methods and approaches need to be integrated.

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