The user in focus

What do you know about the interaction between your users and your product? In contrast to usability, which relates solely to the usage situation, when designing the User Experience, emotional and aesthetic factors, such as operating fun and ergonomic design, also come into play.

Research und design

At the start of the project, we monitor and validate user behavior for you according to previously agreed acceptance criteria. On the basis of these results, we then design the human-machine interfaces for your product that are best suited for high market acceptance, and strengthen customer loyalty to your company.

Your Benefits

Higher Productivity

Intuitive, simple operating concepts reduce the amount of learning time and enable users to use that time to work more efficiently.

Joy of Use

A well-designed User Experience offers the user the best possible result from your product and enhances your relationship with your customers.

Less Post-Processing

Products and systems with a user-focused design are already validated solutions, saving you development time and costs.

«UX Design puts people center stage, gives designers goals and provides decision-makers with facts.»

Beatrice Sierach

UX Designer Service & Research

Contact Person Patricia Blum

Patricia Blum

Studio Lead Dornbirn
UX Digital Services

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We know how successful UX projects are run, and support you every step of the way, from the initial idea through to realization.

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