Revolution of the
control engineering

Working with our partner, Doppelmayr, we revolutionized the cableway system user interface and optimized its efficiency and user-friendliness.


Modern cableways transport thousands of people every hour – in mountains and in cities. That is why safety and process stability are essential – for the cableway operator and for engineers alike. Doppelmayr, a cableway constructor based in Vorarlberg, Austria, knows this well. Together, we revolutionized Doppelmayr’s cableway control system, christening it “Doppelmayr Connect”. It is something both operators and passengers can rely on. 


Doppelmayr Connect is clear, succinct, and easy to use. The messaging center keeps the operator abreast of developments with warnings and notifications about potential disruptions – ensuring a smooth process for the customer.

Our approach


The job-shadowing method allowed us to discover and define the habits and needs of operators and passengers.


The Doppelmayr user interface offers a customized, easy-to-understand design including user-friendly, logically organized navigation. 


It offers modern, high-quality touchscreen technology with ergonomic adaptations. This gives the operator a good overview and good access to all functions.


Job shadowing involved observing cableway workers during their day-to-day work and analyzing their processes, communication, and instructions. Many of them were also interviewed.

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