Product design: slim, robust, easy to maintain

Grenzebach's newly developed TIN-AIR-SPEEDSTACKER (TASS) has to handle high volumes and a variety of glass formats. The challenge was to present a light and dynamic design language that could stand up to the high performance of the TASS.

Optimal maintenance

The design is focused on easy maintenance during operation and a positive user experience during installation. In order to achieve a lightweight construction, certain components have been developed partially open, which even supports better accessibility. When covers are used, they hide potentially disturbing elements such as ground anchors.

More advantages


The strictly functional covers of the TASS machine provide easy and quick access to service areas such as the pneumatic compressor. 

Component mix

Some of the technical components are deliberately represented, while for other areas of the TASS strictly functional covers have been designed, which supports the harmony of the development.

Fast and efficient

The novel double-arm kinematics, combined with an ideally matched feeding section with disk storage, has resulted in a highly efficient, fast and flexible stacking cell. 

Scale effect

Our partner Grenzebach is able to produce the neutral trim parts in stock and thus realize economies of scale. They can offer customer-specific designs such as color variations without affecting delivery times.