Modularity with strong brand recognition

With our partner Leistritz Pumpentechnik we developed a new line of pumps with a radically new modular system.

Due to this system the number of standard pumps, which were offered before, could be reduced greatly. A new concept with a removable liner brings down maintenance time and improves the user experience of the FlexCORE Series.



The main challenge was to create a robust design, which can withstand harsh environments as found in marine applications and heavy industry, while also allowing easy setup with high flexibility of installation. Functionality and cost-effectiveness were in focus, as well as creating an emotional and powerful appearance with a physical FlexCORE branding element.


The pump casing can be rotated to fit to various positions of input and output connections. Uniquely solved adapters with exchangeable end-pieces allow a connection to all common flanges used in the industry. The emotional design of the casings highlights the power and durability of the new pump. Schindler Creations also created the new brand name “FlexCORE” to express the pumps’ key features.


The sophisticated design allows high installation flexibility, which is unique within this product segment. All parts are freely accessible for quick setup and maintenance. The modular housing and adapter system enable easy spare parts exchange, as well as cost-effective production. Next to all the functional benefits, the FlexCORE pumps have an outstanding look that distinguishes Leistritz from its competitors.

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