Smart pumps

The smart product for additional customer benefits and new business models 

Leistritz is one of the pioneers in the field of screw pumps and today has the most extensive manufacturing program in this area. 

Monitoring and maintaining pumps costs operators a lot of time and money. Pumps are often installed in inaccessible places. The solution: digitization and smart products. Pumps need to be embedded in a digital, connected and smart world. The Leistritz Smart Pump digitalization solution includes an IoT sensor that measures the temperature and vibrations of pumps and transmits them via Bluetooth in real time to a smartphone, and via a gateway to the backend. In the backend, intelligent algorithms detect pump conditions and thus enable predictive maintenance.

We accompanied Leistritz from the idea to the implemented solution, starting with the digitization strategy, the identification of value-adding use cases, the technology selection, the design of the user interface, and the front- and back-end programming.

The modular FLEXCORE series, for which Schindler Creations created the industrial design, will be equipped with this digitization solution.

Our approach

Focus on the experience

In defining the user experience, we focused on the requirements that are important to real users and ideally create a joyful experience for them.


We rely on modern microservice architectures and state-of-the-art technologies to deliver unique user experiences, flexibility and a future-proof application.


We use proven methods to determine customer needs, translate these into requirements for software development, and continuously check acceptance and usability.

Customized IoT sensor

With its modern look and feel, the sensor is intended to underline the high quality standards of the pump and the digitization solution. A status LED is to enable visual monitoring of the pump. The installation of the sensor and the battery change shall be simple and fast. The chip design and the battery are optimized for a small housing size.

Advantages of the SmartPump

of Mind

The operator can use the smartphone at any time to make sure that "everything is in the green" with the pump.

Detect errors
at early stage

Early fault detection enables timely action to be taken in the event of impending production downtimes. The integrated error analysis helps to avoid errors.


Data and algorithms can be used to determine when maintenance is required. This leads to a further extension of the maintenance intervals and higher availability of the pumps.

At a

With the SmartPump app, multiple pumps can be monitored simultaneously, allowing the operator to keep an eye on the entire plant.


Big data can be generated from the application, which is the basis for AI applications.


Remote diagnostics can be performed and leasing pumps can be monitored via a direct contact to the sensor.

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