Improving everyday life for operators

The new LHStation makes machine control intuitive and offers the operator freedom of movement while maintaining strict safety standards. It gives the operator a completely new user experience in programming and operating Liebherr gear cutting machines. The LHStation consists of two main systems: a large, permanently installed panel and a mobile handheld.

Mobile control

As the user needs to move around the machine during his work, it is the control unit which should follow the user and not opposite. A user individual screen display enables the user to monitor all essential machine functions combined clear screen layout.

Our approach

Testing the

The ergonomics of the LHStation were regularly tested during development and improved based on user requirements.

Observe consistency

The LHStation can be implemented in all types of Liebherr gear cutting machines to provide a consistent and efficient user experience.

Sustainable and honest

Only honest and durable materials were selected for the production of the LHStation. They should serve for the entire life of the machine.

Fast data input

The fixed panel includes a large 24“ screen for comfortable programming and process monitoring. For fast data input, the panel includes a physical numeric keyboard, which allows working with gloves on too. Panel has a standardized RFID-based user recognition for working mode selection and can be equipped with up to eight buttons or key-switches, freely configurable.

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