CNC production

The new turntable generation for our partner pl Lehmann, not only sets clear optical accents: a consistent design-to-cost approach in product development ensures a significant reduction of costs while at the same time significantly increasing functionality and modularity.

DTC optimization

During the product development of its CNC-controlled rotary tables, pl Lehman was looking for innovative possibilities for further development. The design, which has so far been primarily functional, was to be rethought from a design-to-cost perspective.

The result: a significantly improved functionality of the future completely sealed housing.


The newly developed fully sealed housing with IP67 standard convinces with a precise, thick-walled aluminum housing, which is assembled similar to a cylinder head. The positive consequence: the space for the artificial sealing by means of overpressure is saved.

Our approach


The New Design offers a modular construction that ensures a wide range of possible combinations. This modular principle also allows for retrofitting of the turntables or a later conversion.


The housing, which was developed under design-to-cost aspects, now manages without any cracks in the housing.
The consequence: a significantly optimized coolant and chip flow and easier cleaning.


The built-in black box communicates errors or improper use. An absolute novelty: The newly developed cable guide: It has been optimized and can now be swivelled by about 180 degrees.


In addition to improved function and appearance, the innovative design-to-cost approach provided an economically significant side effect: a significant cost reduction, which was passed on by our partner to his customers. The result: Our new turntable generation was optimized across the board by the New Design. Both in terms of processes, handling and visual appearance.

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