Aesthetics meets
on efficiency

For our partner Volkswagen we developed a design concept for modular production cells. Our joint premise: The new competence center welding technology should communicate internally what VW stand for - high quality, precision and aesthetics.


The tool shop in Braunschweig has been a part of Volkswagen since the very beginning. The new competence center for welding technology should therefore reflect the company’s advanced system technology – where new production techniques are tested and optimized. The design should meet the essential quality criteria of aesthetics, functionality and cost-effectiveness, but also fit into the image of the company and convey this image.


Based on our findings we set our vision for tomorrow’s manufacturing: flexible modules that are joined together to form the required production lines. Inspired by the aesthetics of an automobile and deliberately dissociated from its standard environment we decided to give a new look & feel to the whole production experience.
In the beginning there was comprehensive analysis that encompassed all the dimensions of this modular production cell and paid great attention to interaction with the cell’s environment.

Our approach


We have given a great deal of thought to the interaction between the production cabin and the user with the goal of ensuring that the Volkswagen experience is enjoyed internally, in internal production.


Oversized sliding doors greatly increase visibility into the cabins. This allows improved monitoring and tracking of what is going on inside such as welding robot work.


Cutting-edge disk technology was essential. Welding produces ultraviolet light from which the user must be protected, but it must still be possible to safely observe processes.


The VW logo, placed prominently on the exterior surface of the cabin, delivers the brand message, but fulfills another function as well: It serves as an indicator. Conceived as a light signal element, it displays the cabin’s status and provides a visual signal as to whether the cabin is completely functional.