Medical Technology

Because efficiency counts

In collaboration with our partner, Fette Compacting, we are not only designing a completely new type of human-machine interface (HMI), but also setting new standards in the design of a new generation of tablet presses.


The goal of the comprehensive project was to enhance process security and tablet production efficiency and focus on the users and the processes of their interactions with the machine. 


The design communicates a dynamic appearance while demonstrating that output quantity is not directly dependent on machine size. The control panel and user interface are central elements of the human-machine interaction.

Our approach


The human-machine interface’s optimized interaction processes reduce the complexity of machines and processes.


The bright edges give the tablet press a visual lightness, and clear, strong lines underscore the machine’s power.


The use of lightweight parts ensures even better handling with respect to such operations as assembly and greatly facilitates maintenance and cleaning.


It promotes situational operating behaviour and enhances the user experience and user acceptance of new interaction processes for machine operation and control.