Transport of the future

The future will require transportation systems that intelligently provide relief to people and the environment. The BOB Aircrafter is a mobile measuring, monitoring, and transportation system – a visionary step in the direction of new possibilities for the mobility sector based on aeronautical systems.


We are convinced that intelligent service environments and communication and interaction options tailored to the needs of all stakeholders will contribute decisively to determining the future of logistics and changing its very shape. The key question that we posed in this laboratory project was: What will the future of cargo transport be?  


Our preliminary results indicate concepts for highly industrialized use of aeronautical systems. In the first physical interpretations of our vision, we show how digital drafting and planning methods can be directly networked with intelligent production facilities, some of them mobile, and with tailored construction solutions. Processing the resulting flow of information forms the core function of our service concept.

Our approach


What relief can technology provide for humans? Can it, for instance, transport building materials to remote, inaccessible areas or measure the dimensions of complicated construction sites?


Where can aeronautical systems support us in our day-to-day business? To answer this question, we assessed certain professional groups with respect to potential hazards for those involved in transport.


Building on the insights of our colleagues from the Institute for Dynamic Systems and Control at ETH Zürich, we analyzed the potential and possible areas of use for dynamic systems.


Our goal is to refine existing technology in a visionary manner, make visible its relevance to shifting perspectives in the area of mobility, and point out new paths and opportunities in a networked world. Our pioneering but implementable concepts are intended to help others not only think outside the box, but also provide relief to people and the environment.