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Setting new standards in design - BAUER VERTICUS

Setting new standards in design


The VERTICUS and MINI-VERTICUS compressor features a revised design with multiple filling devices ...

... in order to enhance usability and safety for users along with lasting durability. The redesign needed to bring a new and premium look to the VERTICUS product family compressors.


With careful consideration to detail and to ruggedness, the design needed to be easily handled by users, be cost effective and must also be suitable for use in industrial environment. The design also needed to enhance clear competitive advantage and create distinction from BAUER’s competitors.

The redesign of the VERTICUS compressor unit, used e.g. for filling breathing air cylinders for diving, needed to be a safe, an easy to service product and a solution that wouldn’t need to be hidden away like other noisy compressor machines of the past. The design should symbolize a premium product and be cost competitive in regard to materials and construction. Ergonomics and the need to boost efficiency was also key for improved usability.



The final design resulted in a silent machine built with modular elements that separates vital components within the machine. Keeping the user in mind, filling devices were placed at the front of the machine for accessible reach, notifications are given when condensate needs to be emptied and operating elements are easily reachable and provide easy access to parts in case of service. Through the use of durable materials, these machines can withstand environments that may be abrasive otherwise. Additionally, the purification systems are now placed in the compressors cold area, extending filter cartridge life. When unsafe conditions, e.g. temperature too high are recognized, the machine automatically shuts itself down to ensure safety of those nearby.


The modern design of the compressor places BAUER in a leadership position within the compressor market, providing users with an easy to use, ergonomic and safe solution when working with high pressure cylinders. Production methods have also been taken into consideration in that the design allows elements to be produced efficiently and numerously without complication, thus reducing costs.

2015 Project Year
2 Years Project Duration
Industrial Design Solution

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