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Enabling diversity through maximum modularity - PL LEHMANN

Enabling diversity through maximum modularity


Balanced symbiosis of design and functionality

Noble surfaces, smooth and rounded – the new generation of rotary tables. Together with our partner pl Lehmann we have initiated a new product line that a clear benchmark on the market. We helped Lehmann to introduced a modular base element which allows over 40 different model versions and as a side effect dramatically reduce production costs.

If you want to deliver precision parts to your customers today, you an effective and efficient solutions. Only products with the highest quality, stability, durability and precision exist in competing markets. Therefore, we understand design as much more than the creation of a beautiful package. We optimize function, value and the emotional experience – for users as well as for our partners. For over 30 years, pl Lehmann develops and manufactures CNC rotary tables in Swiss manner.

To further improve its CNC rotary tables, Lehmann was looking for innovative development opportunities. This fueled the desire for increased functionality and especially the requirement of a fully dense housing. We were able to fully meet these requirements. The sealed housing with IP67 standard convinces through a precise, thick-walled aluminum case, which is similar in composition to a cylinder head. The positive effect: The space for the artificial sealing could be saved through overpressure.

Now even a small crack in the housing doesn’t stop the production. Which results in an optimized coolant an chip flow as well as an easier cleaning. The implemented black box communicates errors or inappropriate usage. The cable routing marks another novelty, as it is optimized to turn up to 180 degrees.


Concerning the surface design we deliberately used subtle but visually distinct accents. Held in anodized matt black and chrome longevity and color retention as well as shavings flight and scratch resistance were the main color influencers. Specific Lehmann-CI elements such as the scale disc or the typical Lehmann-gimbal were integrated into the new style. We placed an emphasis on the modular construction, which ensures multilayered combinations. This modular concept also enables a potential retrofitting of the rotary tables and a posterior reconstruction.

Besides improved functionality and appearance, an economically not insignificant side effect emerged: A significant cost reduction that has been passed down from our partner to its customers. The result: Our new generation of rotary tables has been optimized across the bar due to the design.

10 months Project Duration
3+40 Models+Options
2008 Project Year

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