Making ropeway journeys easy and fast - Schindler Creations

Making ropeway journeys easy and fast - Doppelmayr Connect

Making ropeway journeys easy and fast

Doppelmayr Connect

Revolution of the user interface

Together with the engineers of Doppelmayr Schindler Creations revolutionised their ropeway control system for efficiency and user friendliness.


Modern ropeways transport thousands of people per hour on mountains or in cities. Safety and process stability are therefore crucial for success both for ropeway operators and mechanical engineers. The ropeway builders of Doppelmayr from Vorarlberg know this is. Together we have revolutionised their ropeway control system ‘Doppelmayr Connect’ for efficiency and user friendliness that both operators and passengers can rely on.


Schindler supported the engineers of Doppelmayr in their project for fast and easy ropeway journeys. We observed ropeway workers in their day to day work, analysed their processes, their communication, their orders, and conducted numerous interviews to get to know their work and their passengers better and find out what their habits and needs are.


‘Doppelmayr Connect’ offers a comprehensive and individualised design of the user interface, incorporating intuitive and logical navigation. The clear concise and easy to use ‘Doppelmayr connect’ boasts high quality, state of the art touchscreen technology with ergonomical adjustments, giving overview and clear accessibility of all the features. The notification center keeps the operator up-to-date through notifications for potential errors and warnings to help maintain a smooth service for customers.

2 years Project Duration
User Interface
2015 Project Year

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