Capabilities - Schindler Creations

Great experience design requires a wide set of skills. 

... in small teams
tailored to your needs.

.. with you as part
of the team from day one.

... with the user at heart.

... with a proven process.

We focus on experiences

We work holistically which basically means we cater to all of your design, innovation and business needs.

Our team enables us to create experiences from insight and planning right through to the physical, visual, digital or invisible design. We produce innovative solutions for all of our partners and we know that innovation grows through working together. Our tried and tested human centered process, enables us to combine our profound industry knowledge with our partner’s expert knowledge. Working together in this way, results in an organic solution unique for you.

We begin by listening to and absorbing our partner’s knowledge and incorporate it into our decision making. Our competence and support helps to develop and maintain a competitive, sustainable position on global markets and transform visions into working realities.

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