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We have the crème de la crème #Growth

To achieve the extraordinary you need to have the right people. We proudly present our new team members in the areas of Design Management / Program Management / Industrial Design / User Experience and Interaction Design starting at our studios at the beautiful Lake Constance and Lake Zurich.

Stephan | design manager & Head of office lake zurich


Design means for me: User friendly in both, in form and function.

I am: Curios and interested.

I find this particularly important: Reliability and respect.

Schindler Creations is: Dynamic and open minded, with a look ahead.

I am challenged by: Negative people.

My strengths are: organising, keeping the overview, developing and implementing strategies.

This is the future: Schindler Creations is a brand in Switzerland; the Swiss market is efficiently served.



Design means for me: Making things more functional, easy on the eye … and better.

I am: A happy person.

I find this particularly important: Tackling things right away, laughing as much as I can and being surrounded by people I like.

Schindler Creations is: A place where I am already at ease.

I am challenged by: Maintaining patience when things take a little longer 🙂

My strengths are: Reliability, getting new projects underway, finding solutions

This is the future: To put it in the words of David Bowie: “I don’t know where I’m going, but I promise it won’t be boring“

Dietmar | designer | user Experience


Design means for me: An interdisciplinary creative process.

I am: On the way to recovery.

I find this particularly important: Establishing a sustainable & interlinked product culture.

Schindler Creations is: With its finger on the pulse of time.

I am challenged by: Simple solutions for complex requests.

My strengths are: Endurance & optimism

This is the future: Optimised service solutions beat status-driven possessions.

René | senior designer | industrial 


Design means for me: Design is not an end in itself – it is oriented towards human needs.

I am: Diverse, curious and permanently exploring

I find this particularly important: Health of my family, keeping agreements

Schindler Creations is: A platform for bright minds who bring forth significant innovations.

I am challenged by: To balance my family and professional life

My strengths are: Spirit of compromise, smooth balancing

This is the future: We will rock Lake Constance 😉

lisa | program manager


Design means for me: A completely new and totally exciting world of work.

I am: A nature lover.

I find this particularly important: Health, a good working environment, flexibility

Schindler Creations is: An international enterprise with super friendly staff.

I am challenged by: Overcoming my nervousness

My strengths are: Dependability, organisation skills

This is the future: I’ll be visiting many foreign countries.

Tetyana | interaction designer | user experience


Design means for me: Solving a problem in such a way that it creates more value for the business, user and society.

I am: A multitasking person, having fun with digital products.

I find this particularly important: Social impact

Schindler Creations is: Industrial Design, User Experience, User Interface, Design Management

I am challenged by: A holistic way of thinking in the Industrial Design.

My strengths are: Willingness to learn new things and my never-ending curiosity.

This is the future: Digitalization

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