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Bad UX kills business

Enough reason to give increased focus to better UX.

Often, the focus lies on what good UX entails, but rarely is there a focus on bad UX and what the consequences are. The consequences of bad UX leads to confusion, frustration and even anger for users. While this is enough reason to give increased focus to better UX, a human centered UX focus is far more important than just the user experience, but its consequences for the business can be detrimental to productivity.

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Filled up with knowledge

Our Open UX Talks

Innovation often derives from the most unusual sources. That is why we invite experts from diverse fields of knowledge to our Open UX Talks. It promotes the exchange on topics relevant to technology and design and lets us open ourselves up to new thinking patterns. One of many prerequisites in order to show our partners new ways and exceed their expectations.

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Usability Day

Assistive Technologies in Working Environments

Which new opportunities does technological change open up? What does the "workplace of the future" look like? The conference „uDay XVI - Assistive Technologies in Working Environments“ at the University of Applied Sciences Vorarlberg addressed these questions and presented the current state of research and developed solutions. We answered these questions to experts from industry, research and students.

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See what is on our mind

The Fundamental 4s

At Schindler Creations we always work holistically, which on the one hand is to look across the complete customer journey and the many touchpoints that customers experience. The fundamental 4s categorize the other face of that holistic coin.

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The future of user experience design

is not about beauty

See how we at Schindler Creations understand User Experience Design and how essential it will be for the future. Published in German based mav magazine.

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Who the fuck cares about machine design?

An interview

Schindler Creations was interviewed by on the role of design in terms of b2b products. One thing is clear: It's all about User Experience.

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What the hell is user experience design?

One thing is clear, it's mainly about the user and its experience with a service or product. Joy, performance and simplicity play an important role.

Which commodity do we all have too little of? TIME. As everybody knows – time is money. The industry has long been aware of this and thus focuses heavily on process optimization. Along with analysis, this includes improvement of processes within a company. This means, that in the age of Industry 4.0, processes that can not be seen in production and sales are transformed into transparent and efficient services. But what do users of industrial products wish for? A good user experience. In other words, the best possible experience with a service or product. But what the hell is user experience DESIGN?

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Industry 4.0: From the designer’s and operator’s perspective.

How smart research factories can help shape the roles of designers, operators and machines in the coming fourth industrial revolution.

What is Industry 4.0?
Traditional manufacturing industries are currently at the beginning of a digital transformation that will be accelerated by growing technologies. Companies and their industrial processes need to adapt to this rapid change if they are not to be ...

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Welcome Kersten, Michelle, Jon, Enrique and Donner

We truly celebrate for having you at SCHINDLER! We believe in your skills, talents and knowledge that you can use for our company’s improvement. We welcome you all.

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