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Bad UX kills business

Enough reason to give increased focus to better UX.

Often, the focus lies on what good UX entails, but rarely is there a focus on bad UX and what the consequences are. The consequences of bad UX leads to confusion, frustration and even anger for users. While this is enough reason to give increased focus to better UX, a human centered UX focus is far more important than just the user experience, but its consequences for the business can be detrimental to productivity.

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Addicted to growth

In regards to risks and side-effects, ask your designer #UserExperience

We are often asked which tech-trends shape the business landscape and which are long-lasting? Our answer: It's about software, that develops the capacity to learn and it's also about seeing the power of technology as an opportunity. We always offer our partners the right growth concept.

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Optimize your ROI of UX

We know about the potential of digitalization and that it’s way more than designing screens and their backend. #DesignDoing

Since Schindler Creations began over 12 years ago, we have had the perspective in order to create truly rich experiences we must not limit ourselves to a specific discipline. This is why we work holistically with the physical, digital and invisible elements that make up peoples daily experiences. We know what huge potential lies in the current age of digital transformation.

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See what is on our mind

The Fundamental 4s

At Schindler Creations we always work holistically, which on the one hand is to look across the complete customer journey and the many touchpoints that customers experience. The fundamental 4s categorize the other face of that holistic coin.

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Our future is based on our tradition

New technologies make the unimaginable possible and from science fiction comes reality. Often our traditions are forgotten.

Futurists are convinced that society will change more in the next two decades than it has in the past 300 years. We allow technology to make our lives easier. Like fine electromagnetic roots, it weaves itself into our tissue structure and becomes part of our future. Digital networking encompasses people and organisations and has a lasting influence on the processes of our daily lives as well as in companies and organisations.

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Being digital is more than developing a software

And has never been more experimental than it is today ...

... with technology influencing our decisions and even shaping our behaviour. This is having a huge impact on just about every aspect of society, from businesses to governments, education, the list is endless. The world as we knew it and the world we need to get to know have never been so far apart. This is particularly relevant in the production industry, as companies competitively race to digitalise their products and factories to achieve ‘Industry 4.0 status’. But what can we do about it and how can we master our digital minds?

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What the hell is user experience design?

One thing is clear, it's mainly about the user and its experience with a service or product. Joy, performance and simplicity play an important role.

Which commodity do we all have too little of? TIME. As everybody knows – time is money. The industry has long been aware of this and thus focuses heavily on process optimization. Along with analysis, this includes improvement of processes within a company. This means, that in the age of Industry 4.0, processes that can not be seen in production and sales are transformed into transparent and efficient services. But what do users of industrial products wish for? A good user experience. In other words, the best possible experience with a service or product. But what the hell is user experience DESIGN?

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How a designer can foster creativity

Being creative often comes with the motivation to create something of originality. Here at Schindler Creations, we work in distinct industries, which in many ways gives us a lot of opportunities and possibilities for original ideas, because it is still a market that is just starting to reform itself. Often, at the center of all our projects is the goal of creating original solutions to make users lives easier. After understanding facts using different methodologies, our teams need to be creative to generate effective solutions.

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Why this is our main interest for us at Schindler…

“WHY?” sounds like a trivial question to you? Not quite. At Schindler, this is the first question we think about when we begin new projects with our partners. Why is this so? Because it can be essential for their business’s success.

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Designing for a complex environment

Interaction design at the foundation of intuitive creation

Manufacturing is undergoing an immense transition. The requirements are increasingly complex and user expectations are rising. This is an important topic for us specialists in the area of innovation strategies and design for sophisticated products. An interview with Florian, our design lead team H.

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