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Welcome to the future

Design and Digital Thinker

We know our future is phygital. Connecting the physical and the digital worlds. Our newbies come from different planets. Their connection at Schindler Creations is another step to the next unique and valuable experience.

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Team Boost

We have the crème de la crème #Growth

To achieve the extraordinary you need to have the right people. We proudly present our new team members in the areas of Design Management / Program Management / Industrial Design / User Experience and Interaction Design starting at our studios at the beautiful Lake Constance and Lake Zurich.

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We love to grow

Facing the future together #Welcome

The growing importance of UX design and digitalization in general brings new challenges on a daily basis. To deal with that, we have hired some true specialists in their respective fields. With these short interviews, they introduce themselves.

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Together we grow


Together we create physical, digital and invisible human experiences. We are proud to introduce our newbies. See what they say about the meaning of design and what they think the future is like.

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Welcome Newbies

We truly celebrate for having you at SCHINDLER! We believe in your skills, talents and knowledge that you can use for our company’s improvement. We welcome you all.

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Working where others go on vacation…

Schindler - Lake Zurich & Lake Constance

Yes, this is where we work–or better yet, where we get to work! No matter if it’s at Lake Zurich or Lake Constance, we love both of our locations, there is no other way to say it. Of course, our choice makes sense strategically, since both are part of one of the most economically dynamic areas in Europe. But there’s far more to it than that…

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