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SCHINDLER goes to PechaKucha!

On March 2, Mike (one of our Design Leads) talked about how ‘Experience Follows Context’. With 20 slides, Mike explained to a group of young spectators what his view is on this topic and his opinion about it.

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How a designer can foster creativity

Being creative often comes with the motivation to create something of originality. Here at Schindler Creations, we work in distinct industries, which in many ways gives us a lot of opportunities and possibilities for original ideas, because it is still a market that is just starting to reform itself. Often, at the center of all our projects is the goal of creating original solutions to make users lives easier. After understanding facts using different methodologies, our teams need to be creative to generate effective solutions.

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2016 – uncensored and real

It was just a few months ago that we celebrated our 10-year anniversary, and now our 11th year is just around the corner – as is the new year. A new year as thinkers, innovators, creatives, … a new year of doing things differently…

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Industry 4.0: From the designer’s and operator’s perspective.

How smart research factories can help shape the roles of designers, operators and machines in the coming fourth industrial revolution.

What is Industry 4.0?
Traditional manufacturing industries are currently at the beginning of a digital transformation that will be accelerated by growing technologies. Companies and their industrial processes need to adapt to this rapid change if they are not to be ...

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Welcome Kersten, Michelle, Jon, Enrique and Donner

We truly celebrate for having you at SCHINDLER! We believe in your skills, talents and knowledge that you can use for our company’s improvement. We welcome you all.

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Innovation Day 2016

Creatives at work—and why sometimes things blow up…

At Schindler we get together every day, which only makes sense since together we work on solutions that make the world smarter for our partners and their clients. But once a year, we take the time to fine-tune our own ability to innovate. As a team, as the Schindler family, as thought leaders, and as a creative team.

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Why this is our main interest for us at Schindler…

“WHY?” sounds like a trivial question to you? Not quite. At Schindler, this is the first question we think about when we begin new projects with our partners. Why is this so? Because it can be essential for their business’s success.

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Schindler says hello to…

... Katja!

We are very excited to welcome another staff member on board. Katja joined our team about one month ago. Read on for a short, but insightful report on her first few weeks here.

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10 years of “Design. Innovation. Together.”

Schindler–past, present and future

10 years is a long time, but for us, it passed by in a breeze. Today, we specialize in innovation strategies for sophisticated products and complex systems. Wow. That sounds big, sounds like responsibility, and sounds like a lot of work. That is all true. But do you know something? It also sounds like a whole lot of fun, passion and blood.

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Designing for a complex environment

Interaction design at the foundation of intuitive creation

Manufacturing is undergoing an immense transition. The requirements are increasingly complex and user expectations are rising. This is an important topic for us specialists in the area of innovation strategies and design for sophisticated products. An interview with Florian, our design lead team H.

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