About - Schindler Creations

Together we create physical, digital
and invisible human experiences.

Together we look at the world
through the eyes of the user.

Together we envision new futures.

Together we shape
meaningful experiences.

Together we cultivate complete product
service eco-systems.


At Schindler Creations, DIGITAL THINKERS, CREATIVE TECHS and DESIGN DOERS meet in order to strengthen the innovative power of international industrial companies.

We are the sparring partner when it comes to UX design and technology. From our 12 years in the business and extensive collaboration with market leaders, we know how to manage technically demanding projects and implement them. Hardware and software, the more logical the operation, the more efficient the business of our partners. Therefore, we work with a user centered mindset and transfer valuable insights from users into the development process. As a close development partner, we work step by step towards a marketable industrial solution.



Are you ready to design your future? Do you like to speak English at work? If the topics of design and industry inspire you as much as they do for us, then you are the perfect match!




Why design matters?

Because people don’t buy products or services. They buy meaning. Design is a very good tool to transfer this meaning from the enterprises core to the user. We look behind the curtain of a good or service, question the status quo, identify pressing issues and needs of both our partners and the users. Interpreting these insights lets us decode paths that lead to meaningful experiences.

What is the value of design?

Design adds significant value to your enterprise´s growth and development. It helps to make products and services more compelling to use and more relevant in this ever changing world. Design allows our partners to rethink challenges and develop strategies that lead to innovative solutions and build a lasting emotional connection with the user.

Never lose control?

Based on the structure of our services and our guidance through the project journey, our partners always have full oversight and control over the projects course. With our proven competence we are able to guide our partners from the first insights, over project development to a successful solution.

Technology and users develop rapidly – Loosing touch?

To meet the entrepreneurial challenges, we evaluate market and user needs of our partners. Solutions designed by Schindler Creations pave the way for the future and help you succeed in the race for growth.

Do you know how to lead your business into the next industrial era?

With over 5,000 realized projects we offer our partners proven experience in leading enterprises to sustainable and commercially solutions designed for the next era.

Do you have enough of obscure processes?

Our designated project leader functions as your contact to ensure an effective development and implementation during the entire project. As we believe that only a transparent project leads to fulfilling results, we provide our partners with a clear-cut and structured design process.


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